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There is no obligation to purchase any plan. Our Licensed Agents are available to assist you in finding your best plan and there is no cost associated with speaking to them.

Step 1: Choose Your Plan

To get the best plan that saves you money on unnecessary premiums and also protects you against unexpected medical bills, you need to assess your needs.

Medicare Advantage Plans: Are best if you do not have pre-existing conditions and don't need to regularly visit the Doctor. These plans will be the most affordable, but coverage options are more limited.

Medigap Plans: Are best if you require frequent visits to the Doctor and are unsure about future medical expenses. Medigap "fills the gap" in Medicare coverage and offers the best protection against the unexpected.

Prescription Drug Plans: Are available for under $40/month and the savings provided by them often pays for itself.

Step 2: Review Plans with Your Advisor

Once you've determined which plan type is best for your needs, you can call your MedicareCompare Plus advisor at anytime, they are available every day from 9am - 6pm EST.

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