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Stave Off Diabetes By Skipping This 'One' Vegetable

Our education system has failed us.

All along, we've been taught:

That eating vegetables is good.

Especially if they're green vegetables.

Well, it turns out, that eating this vegetable (that used to be one of my favorites) is not actually that healthy after all, and that it contains 20 grams of carbs.

That's 869% more sugar, than what's in a sugar cube.

That's a lot of carbs!

The evil vegetable that's been hiding in plain sight is peas.

So from now on, instead of passing the peas. Skip the peas.

Now that we know Step 1 of How to Stave Off Diabetes, what about the rest of our body?

How do we ensure we're as healthy as possible.

For as long as possible?

And the answer is quite simple.

Because, the best way to stay healthy, is to regularly go to a doctor.

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